Photographer Unknown: A Collection of Found Photos by Mike Wellins

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Edited by Mike Wellins. Paperback 160 pages, 8in x 10in.


If you're one of those people who need to know who the person is in any given photograph, you aren't going to like this book. This is a collection of found images whose photographer is unknown. They were taken during the past century and culled from junk stores, yard sales, eBay, and online auctions. This is a look at the images that some unknow photographer thought were important enough to capture. Mike Wellins lends the amazing photos a new breath of life in this collection.

Mike Wellins is a writer, filmmaker, visual artist, oddities museum owner, and has authored several books. Among his titles are Mountain of the Dead, Stella's Babysitting Service for young readers, Serious Wackos, Duty to Rock, Beings: Intergalactic A.I. visualization, Freakybuttrue Comics, and Photographer Unknown. He has always had an interest in mysteries and odd phenomena. Mike lives in Portland, Oregon.