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Serious Wackos by Mike Wellins

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Serious Wackos by Mike Wellins 2005
96 Pages soft bound.

The first ever best of Freakybuttrue cartoons, essays and stories in this soft cover book. Humorous essays and tons of Freakybuttrue cartoons, the precursor to Cartoon Wednesday. Here's a few, but the book has over a hundred! Essays like "How I learned to hate the Grateful Dead" and more. That's good comedic value!

For Mature Readers. $9

Mike Wellins is a writer, filmmaker, visual artist, oddities meuseum owner, and has authored several books. Among his titles are Mountain of the Dead, Stella's Babysitting Service for young readers, Serious Wackos, Duty to Rock, Beings: Intergalactic A.I. visualization, Freakybuttrue Comics, and Photographer Unknown. He has always had an interest in mysteries and odd phenomena. Mike lives in Portland, Oregon.



                                      Hey, I found a quarter. 






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