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A Real Vintage Oregon UFO Religious Cult Reception, Reading, Examination

This may be our weirdest event yet and over a year in the making. And for once, it's TRUE! Shout out to our friends at Reclaimit! who saved this trove of info from the dump AND DONATED the collection to us! Wow! And for PDX folks, this isn't the Orange Rajneeshies from Antelope, Oregon from the 80s. This is PDX local. Also thanks to Alan Garrin for digitizing the audio tape.

What is it? It's the materials, writings, notes, shrine and audio tapes from a bona fide UFO religious cult here in Portland from the early 60s to the early 90s.

We have loads of typed journals, documents, plans, notes, etc. As well as their shrine, that we are going to lay out and let people pore over. There are thousands of wacky pages, to read and marvel at for its complexity, creativity, and... lunacy?

After this, it'll be forever on display in the gallery, but there's no way we can display volumes and volumes, so this is your one chance to see it all with your own eyeballs. Event is free.