Breakfast Served All Day: Shorts and Animations directed by Mike Wellins

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2007 DVD -- New for right now! A fresh, butt load of animations and short films from the people who brought you Night of the Yardsale Monkey and Don't Go in the Barn! Years in the making; it's spoofs, experimental, temperamental, sentimental, heavy-mental comedy. Strange stories, stranger characters, behind the scenes, tests, mistakes, hidden lunacy all on this very DVD. Plus selected sketches from the classic Cheese Stands Alone Video.

Probably not suitable for little kids, weird, scary, gross, sexy, etc. If I were a ratings guy, which I'm not, but if I were, I'd rate it PG 13.

*Produced, written and directed by Mike Wellins

Alone Too Often produced by Trevor Cable

Terror Island Produced by Phil Guzzo

Scargo! Produced by Rick Vertolli

NTSC DVD Color Stereo 90 minutes (Approx.)

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