What a World: the Art of Colin Batty

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What a world: The Art of Colin Batty. 2012 130 full color pages. Softbound trade paperback. 8 in x 8 in.

Colin Batty is the UK designer, he's worked on countless cool projects, including Tim Burton's Mars Attacks! The Corpse Bride, The PJs and has sculpted for Halcion Toys, and critterbox as well as countless others. This is a collection of his amazing artwork, designs, paintings and charactures. Most never seen before this volume.


Designed and Edited by Mike Wellins

Mike Wellins is a writer, filmmaker, visual artist, oddities museum owner, and has authored several books. Among his titles are Mountain of the Dead, Stella's Babysitting Service for young readers, Serious Wackos, Duty to Rock, Beings: Intergalactic A.I. visualization, Freakybuttrue Comics, and Photographer Unknown. He has always had an interest in mysteries and odd phenomena. Mike lives in Portland, Oregon.


Buy direct from the writers and publisher, Freakybuttrue, LLC., of Portland, Oregon.

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