Secret Portland, Oregon: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

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"She flies with her own wings," is the Oregon state motto and sums up Portland perfectly. No city has a greater reputation for being, "weird," than Oregon's biggest city, which is just another way of saying that people feel free to express themselves here. The city serves as the perfect backdrop for "Secret Portland, Oregon: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure." The stories and places detailed within, rarely get advertised or mentioned in most travel books - but they should grab your interest immediately. Few Portlanders even know all of their city's wonders since the area is so rich in interesting stories and places.

"Secret Portland, Oregon," will guide you to some of Portland's lesser known treasures. Learn of gwomes and zoobomers. Crimpers and Puzzle Trees. Hear the story of a downed alien craft, the world's oldest drag queen, and where to eat garlic knots next to a ghost. Unlock the mystery behind She Who Watches, and the secret to a Five Volcano Day.

Portland artists Jeff Brawn shares what he's learned of his city by leaving the usual paths and climbing a few hidden staircases. With this offbeat guide, find the authentic and upcompromising uniqueness that defines Portland.

Jeff Brawn is a Portland artist with great interest in strange characters and side roads. His illustrations have been collected by celebrities you've probably heard of as well as a lot of people you certainly haven't. He's won a few awards, but will not list them here because Jeff says, "Awards for art are as stupid as ashtrays on motorcycles." Taht statement not only shows his feelings about art awards, but also encompasses everything he knows about motorcycles. Visit his work at

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