Peculiarium Activity Kits

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$7.99 - $39.99


We want everyone to STAY home for a good long while. So we’ve put together these Peculiarium activity kits ready to be shipped. Pictured is the medium kit.

The flagship of our package is our 48 page coloring puzzle activity book. We also include our mini joke book, postcards, a fortune fish, stickers, candy, gum, and other wacky stuff.

And with the Deluxe and the El Dorado packages we also include our 2020 cat calendar, and a bunch of wacky random stuff to boot. We’re selling and shipping these virtually at cost, because we want people to stay busy, and stay home and stay sane. And we want all those things too.

Want to ship one to someone who could use a weird package full of fun stuff? We are more than happy to. And we’ll put a note in as well, no problem, no charge. Want to make a custom kit? Ad something else from our shop? Just let us know, happy to help.

The teen package $7.99: Coloring Book, Joke book, 2 stickers, 2 postcards, a fortune fish, weird stuff.

The Family Package $11.99: Coloring book, Joke book, 3 stickers, 4 postcards, a fortune fish, and more weird stuff.

The Deluxe Package $16.99: Coloring book, 2020 Cat Calendar, a Joke book, 3 stickers, 4 postcards, a fortune fish, more weird stuff and bit of wrapped candy.

The Executive El Dorado Package $27.99: Coloring book, 2020 Cat Calendar, Joke book, A new full color Freakybuttrue comic, 4 stickers, 6 postcards, a deck of new playing cards, a fortune fish, more wrapped candy, buttons and weird extras.

The Double Platinum Executive Stay-at-Home, Chill like a King for the Duration Kit $39: Coloring book, 2020 Cat Calendar, Joke book, our Cool Old Menus book, 6 stickers, 12 postcards, a fortune fish, a new deck of playing cards, and you can choose between one of our custom new shot glasses or our calm the fuck down candle. Plus lots of teeth rotting candy. Fantastic.

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